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Unnatural Life is about a viral parasite that puts DNA from other living things into humans (sterilizing them in the process) and about the society that adjusted over time to deal with it. The parasite and its beastly carriers depend on humans to survive, and have likewise adapted to living within that stable society while not threatening birth rates. Everybody wins except for the protagonist, Japhet, who is facing the worst this society has to offer. To put it mildly, they won’t be taking that quietly.

Rated 15+ Updates Mondays!

About the creator

Hi. I’m Chris deRoux and I write and illustrate this comic in my free time. I’m a Jamaican-American grad student and research technician in the field of biological systematics. This story’s been my one and only pet project in the arts since its inception as a wretched embryo in 2007. My favorite things are coevolution, birds, experimental methods (artistic and scientific), and drawing facial expressions. I’m also fond of bitching about bad science and structural violence.

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