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Species: Virophage-i

They have the makings of a great evil-doer, and they know it.  They will manipulate the playing field for their own benefit, rather than personally dealing with enemies. Thrives when unnoticed, and believes nothing is sacred when it comes to humor.


Species: Ectoentrope

She’s an unpolished but passionate nerd who burned her hair on a Bunsen burner once; just once, it was one time. She will turn hawkish if told to shut the fuck up about airplanes. Likes learning about the physics behind her demonic powers and not about politics.


Species: Ectoentrope

He’s Maddy’s white-bread brother who just wants to connect with everyone. Too bad he’s surrounded by a bunch of bitter hyper-specialists. He takes time to focus before facing adversity. Likes learning about the emotions behind politics and not about his demonic powers.

A Dad

Species: Human

He spent his adult life raising Japhet and purging illegal online material from Iceberg City's Intranet. Definitely not okay.


Species: Undocumented

He unwittingly monkey-wrenched Japhet’s life plans. Loves to travel and hates the diseased. He takes issue with basically every aspect of both international law and public health policy.


Species: Human

Maddy's datemate. They’re up to some shady business on behalf of their family; a dynasty with just enough corporate connections to fund their lavish taste in dress. As the team sysadmin, they privately sass everyone for breaking their computers. They’re quite attached to those devices.


Species: Pineten

He’s a crooked stack of neuroses cobbled into the shape of a man in a trench coat. Has mastered the art of being so inept at everything that no one wants him to do anything. He works as an ethics auditor for the Eye of the Storm, and is literally a weasel.


Species: Pineten

He’s Fin’s skittish twin brother. Wants exactly nothing to do with courts or disease management or whatever. He has enemies in strange places, and a list of city-states he refuses to enter ever again. Collects rocks, and is older than some of them. Can't see for shit.


Species: Aterna

She’s a magic hate ball with a soft spot for Adrea and strangers in need. She works for the Eye of the Storm alongside Fin, and is here to make sure things don’t fall to pieces. Hard to kill.


Species: Electrogen

She’s a bundle of sunshine and sparks. She tags along with the crew both to prove a point to her family... and... adventuring with her girlfriend Nerva doesn't hurt. Tends to pick the sexy option over the practical one. She can cause a ton of hurt with choice words and/or 8,000 watts.


Species: Cait Sith

She’s a member of the Eye of the Storm’s highest court, and Nerva’s boss. She and her bravado answer only to the rest of her court and (occasionally) to public outrage. She’s contractually obligated to interact with party. Periodically goes by Prince or Princex.


Species: Virophage-t

He insists that he likes bugs more than people. Loves to dance and roughhouse regardless of context, and doesn't speak much. If he finds a friend who will tolerate his giant-bug related pranks, they’re in for a world of LEGS. Has a very large service spider named Mittens.


Species: Underdog

He’s a low-ranking Letharian who’s silent on the nature of his own thoughts and interests. Plays an undisclosed role in the Underdog insurgency aimed at overthrowing Letharia’s separatist leadership. He’s a hermit-cabin-deep-in-the-wilderness kind of guy.


Species: Chiropteran

He’s the acting leader of Letharia’s viral separatist movement. Opportunistically furious about Cladonia’s mass sterilization of Letharia, he personally sees to the judgement of Cladonians for their crimes. He’s theatrical and thrives on attention.


Species: Flashhound

He just wants to finish his residency somewhere warm. Doesn’t know how to pick battles or stay in his lane. He likes to run exactly once at the crack of dawn, and then roll around being a couch potato for the remaining day. He’s really into thrash metal and has no fashion sense.


Species: Pangoped

He’s a social worker who travels to far off places to work with the most forgotten at risk communities. Definitely a hugger. He notices and values skill in everyone he meets. Loves horses and esoteric poetry. He doesn’t quite get that he can’t set other people’s boundaries for them.


General note: World government is uniform, unified, and more powerful than city states. Locally, city states are radically diverse in how they govern within and across their borders.

The Registration Bureau (RB)

The brain of world government.

A health organization with a court system and the power to write laws. Everything they do happens on paper, and only affects the real world once the ODS enforces it.

In addition to courts, they run a worldwide database containing extensive information on individuals infected with MimV, their families, and their communities. This database of disease is accessible only to RB employees and is not transparent to the public or even to city state governments.

Its headquarters are clustered in the Guayanas.

The Eye of the Storm (ODS)

The bigger stick of world government.

A massive hierarchical body of officers, doctors, police, spies, etc. who ensure enforcement of old, basic doctrines of law as well as more recent decisions made by the RB.

They have a long and well known history of preventing any one city state from becoming an empire, using their equally well known history of excessive force. Their checks on imperialism serve to prevent one city-state's local species of virmen from becoming pandemic. The ODS’ reputation is much worse off than the RB, which dictates its actions.

Its headquarters can be found on the island of Trinidad.


Bird empire which is for birds.

One large separatist nation and her allies, all of which disapprove of the existing world government for various reasons. Currently expanding explosively over ever-widening borders. Mostly populated by eusocial birds and regular ol’ humans. Atrata's "endemic" species of MimV, species Itzapa, produces both winged virmen and modified infected ravens as vectors, all of which are somehow mentally linked. It is considered an epidemic species by the RB and ODS.

Atrata's capitol city is carved into the Colorado Plateau.

The Coalition

Anti bird empire; fuck birds.

Reactionary joint forces of most city states remaining outside of Atrata. Has support from both the RB and the ODS. Currently operating on the defensive, preventing further spread of Atrata’s territories and cross-border influence.

Its headquarters run along the southern shore of Lake Erie.

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